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Digitization Demo & Consultation Request

Choosing to invest in a high-end digitization system or planning a digitization program is an extremely difficult commitment to make – moneyproductivity, and institutional goals and expectations are all at stake. At DT we firmly believe that our digitization solutions are second-to-none – with the highest image qualitylowest cost-per-object-digitized, and best service & support in the industry – but understand that a commitment like this can’t always be taken as a leap of faith.

That’s why we offer a demo program, so you can see the end-to-end solutions firsthand before you commit to a system. Whether you visit one of our showrooms in New York or California or want to test-drive a system for yourself, contact us by clicking the link below. In addition to our demo program and other resources like, digitization hardware, workflow guides, and digitization certification courses, we also offer on-demand consulting services to help you design a customized digitization plan that fits your unique collection. From rare books and museum objects to architecture and zoological collections, we’ve successfully implemented hundreds of solutions over the past decade worldwide.

Curious to see what DT can do for you? Contact us for a free demo or consultation, including an image quality evaluation to see if your digitization processes measure up to federal standards like FADGI-4 and METAMORFOZE!

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