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What's in the Guide?

The goal of digitization is to create Preservation Digital Objects (a TIFF or JPG2000) to serve as a surrogate to the original object, replacing physical access to that original object, aiding its preservation and broadening access to its content. The FADGI, Metamorfoze and ISO imaging guidelines outline those elements of image quality that are required to achieve such surrogacy.

Many institutions focus on the resolution (PPI) and sharpness (sampling efficiency) requirements of the FADGI, Metamorfoze, and ISO guidelines. But the color accuracy and tonal accuracy requirements are just as important.


There are three requirements for achieving preservation-grade color and tone:

– Preservation-grade Hardware
– Preservation-grade Color Profile
– Preservation Workflow


This guide addresses these three requirements in the context of solutions provided by the Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, feedback, or to arrange an in person or remote training on the topics covered in this document. It is a corollary to our Digitization Program Planning Guide.

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