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Today Phase One & DTDCH have released Capture One CH 8.2 – a free update to existing Capture One CH 8 customers. This cultural heritage edition of the renowned professional raw processing and image editing software is designed to help satisfy the demanding workflow needs of professionals at museums, libraries and other institutions who are dedicated to cultural heritage preservation.

New Features in Capture One CH 8.2

  • Capture Resolution Ruler: Easily evaluate the PPI of a capture. Simply drag a line across a known distance (such as the distance between two inch ticks on a ruler) and enter the distance and the tool will report back the calculated PPI.
  • Improved Negative Conversion Algorithms: Capture One 8.1 CH revolutionized the conversion of Color Negatives. In 8.2 the tool has been refined, providing excellent conversion of Monochromatic Negatives including those with high dynamic range such as Glass Plate Negatives.
  • ICC Profiles specifically for LED Lighting: All Team Phase One 60mp and 80mp digital backs have had bespoke Cultural Heritage profiles created for them under various illuminants. This release includes profiles carefully crafted, measured, and vetted for Flash, LED Area 48, DTLED36, Rosco LightPad Axiom Daylite, Northlight HID, and Tungsten. For more information on the CH Color Profiles please see our C1 CH Webinar Recording starting a bit before 17 minutes into the recording.
  • Adjustable Highlight/Shadow Clipping Targets: Under [Capture One > Preferences > Exposure > Auto Levels Clipping Threshold] the user can now set the threshold for automatic adjustments. This is especially helpful in the automatic adjustment of photographic transmissive materials such as color negatives and black and white negatives.

Download Capture One CH 8.2 here and get a free test drive!

Read the full press release here.