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Solutions for Archives

Public, private, personal, and corporate archives are critical institutions in the preservation of Heritage. However, archives are often extremely specific in focus, and vary greatly in terms of size, composition, and mission. As such, they require carefully customized digitization plans, which require a diverse set of skills to design and execute.

Archive Digitization Experts

DT Heritage is the premiere source for archival digitization solutions. Our expertise includes everything from project management, library science, and knowledge of digitization methods, to a deep understanding and appreciation of the history and relevance of a particular archive’s collection and goals moving forward.

Our ability to develop custom end-to-end digitization solutions to achieve your institution’s unique goals has led to trusted partnerships with the Walt Disney Archives, National Geographic Archives, the National Archive and Records Administration, and many more.

For institutions looking to outsource some or all of their digitization, our service division, Pixel Acuity, has extensive experience working with diverse archive collections.

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DT Versa

The DT VERSA (shown with the Hard Top removed) is a multi-role copy stand that allows the digitization of diverse materials, including books (using the glass top plate), film (partnered with DT FSK), loose manuscripts, and flat art. The DT VERSA is a fast and versatile digitizing machine that is a great compliment to any institution’s preservation needs.

DT Element

Legacy copy stands were not designed with the precision required for modern high-resolution digitization. The DT ELEMENT Reprographic System was built from the ground up for the era of digital capture.

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