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Solutions for Libraries

For decades, libraries had no choice but to employ general-purpose office-oriented scanning technology to digitize their collections, a process that is inherently slow, of mediocre quality, and potentially damaging to delicate material and rare books. As part of DT Heritage’s vision – to be the authoritative destination for digitization solutions – developing a faster, higher quality, and safer method of digitizing books and other bound materials was a priority for us very early on.

Image Courtesy of the Morgan Library & Museum

Award-Winning Systems

Our award winning systems have been deployed in university libraries at Duke and Harvard, public libraries in New York and San Francisco, national libraries such as the Library of Congress, and many more.

With imaging hardware that exceeds FADGI-4 compliance, material handling hardware and software specifically created for delicate bound material, and DT’s InstantScan capture technology, we have created solutions that maximize quality while generating the lowest net-cost-per-page available. Moreover, with custom system design, workflow optimization, and dedicated training and support, we don’t just build products – we build long term relationships with our clients to provide turnkey solutions for their current and future needs.

For institutions looking to outsource some or all of their digitization, our service division, Pixel Acuity, has extensive experience working with special collections and rare books.

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DT Versa

The DT VERSA (shown with the Hard Top removed) is a multi-role copy stand that allows the digitization of diverse materials, including books (using the glass top plate), film (partnered with DT FSK), loose manuscripts, and flat art. The DT VERSA is a fast and versatile digitizing machine that is a great compliment to any institution’s preservation needs.

DT BC100

The DT BC100 is the fastest and most powerful book capture system available. Using a two camera rail system and state of the art optics and image sensors the DT BC100 can capture pages at an astounding rate all while carefully preserving the integrity of the material.


The DT Atom is a table-top digitization platform that is completely modular to adapt to any material type. Simply swap out the standard Reflective Top for our V-Cradle, Transmissive Top, or Film Scanning Kit to go from scanning loose material to books to film and more.

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