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Quality Assurance


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ISA provides image quality targets, software, and consulting to the digital image archiving community. Their products enable quality control for the digitization of both transmissive and reflective material—from books to historic maps to artwork, baseball cards and more.

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Device Level Targets

In addition to enabling the same ISO metrics as the object-level target, object level targets can provide for measuring illumination uniformity, spatial distortion, and resolution variability over the target’s areal coverage.

All targets are annotated with their L*a*b* values so, if in the future, doubt arises about the color genealogy of the object, and the target is included in the image, the user has a clear path back to the colors and tones of the original object

ISA Targets are designed to:

• Comply with accepted industry standards

• Use Munsell color patches for highest accuracy and consistency

• Require minimal operator involvement for analysis

• Integrate the most comprehensive tests available

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