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Capture Cradle


Originally designed and built for the National Archives and Records Administration, this all purpose capture cradle is a serious digitizer. Scroll down to learn more about why it is one of our best selling products.
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Built for the Future. 

Developed to achieve preservation grade reproductions at the fastest rate of capture—while providing reliability, ease of use, and safety of the original materials—the DT RGC180 is the optimum digitization solution for the rapid capture of rare, bound and loose document collections.

The DT RGC180 features a built-in pneumatic 180° dual platen book cradle that adjusts to the thickness of bound collections. The system is designed to bring printed materials to optimal focus and accommodates books up to 25”x 35” with up to 4” bindings.


The RGC180 is operated by foot pedals and can be fine-tuned to protect the widest range of materials. For increased safety, the glass top is hinge mounted to the back of the table and includes lift-assist gas pistons and is secured with hand locks.

The DT RGC180 features a modular design that incorporates today’s finest digital camera systems and can be upgraded as technologies or needs change.

Designed for Rapid Capture.

To increase versatility, a 30”x 40” copyboard is also included that can be placed over the glass so that oversized books, foldouts, maps, rare materials, paintings, film and glass negatives (utilizing the DT Film Scanning Kit), and more can be digitized. The DT RGC180 Capture Cradle is truly a proficient system that will protect your investment and enable you to expand the scope of your digitization program.

Full Features & Benefits

  • Two Height adjusting platforms utilizing dual pneumatic cylinders for raising and lowering the platforms
  • Glass platen enables the digitization of up to 25” x 35” books and up to 4” bindings
  • Delivers preservation grade TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs in RGB, grayscale and CMYK modes. Open Source Raw and DNG also supported.
  • Operated by foot pedal
  • Four retractable vibration dampening casters
  • Open platform design allows camera and capture device to be upgraded, thereby preventing obsolescence
  • Variable resolution options available
  • DT Multi-Crop available
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable design for years of continuous use, including shutter warranty up to 1 million actuations


  • 37 1/2” x 27 3/4” glassed 180° dual platen book cradle with pneumatic self-adjusting platforms
  • A 30” x 40” reprographic table frame with a heavy duty, motorized column with variable speeds
  • Includes a 30” x 40” copyboard for digitization of a wide variety of materials.
  • Operated by foot pedals
  • Fully aligned components CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machined to .005” to ensure even focus across image plane.
  • Four leveling and dampening retractable casters for mobility, work surface alignment, and elimination of table vibration to ensure the highest quality reproduction.

All features can be customized.



Table Materials: Black anodized extruded aluminum
Two Platforms: 16 ½”W x 27 ½” L Each platform can be independently separated to create a 4” gap between them. Glass Platen Dimensions: 37 ½”W x 27 ¾” L Glass platen is lift assisted with two gas pistons.
Copyboard: Black plastic laminated copyboard
Table Foot Print: 42 3/4”W x 36 1/2”L
Gross Foot Print: 42 3/4”W x 47 1/4”L
Working Table Height: 30” (approx.)
Total height with extension collar is 96 1/2”
Column Height: 60” Column: 2 speed, rapid and precise
Column Carriage: Universal camera mounting system
(positive click-stop center +/- 90 degrees of rotation)
Feet: Four leveling and dampening retractable casters
Operating Voltage: 110-120 V 50-60 HZ
Weight of Column: 43 lbs 3 oz

Extension Plate/Collar: 13 lbs
Shipping Weight: ~550 lbs (in wood crate)



Compressor: .5 HP with a 6.3 gallon tank
Power Requirements: 115V/50-60Hz
Operating DB Level: Compress -40dB


  • Advanced Rare Book Module
  • Laser Alignment System
  • Pattern Holders
  • Book Cradles
  • Vacuum Boards
  • Transmissive Light Sources
  • Integrated Lighting Support
  • Strobe and/or Continuous Lighting
  • Customized Table Sizes
  • Film Scanning / Capture Solutions
  • Custom & Specialized Targets
  • Book Scanner Form Factors
  • Oversized Targets



We make all of our copy stand & cameras here
in the USA out of the strongest and
lightest Aircraft grade aluminum.




Copystand Features Video
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