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Public Beta Program Sign-up

DT Nexus Beta Sign-up

Help Shape the Future of CH Software

As we get closer to releasing DT Nexus, we are expanding our public beta program. If you’d like to participate please let us know by filling out the signup form.

Not only is this a chance to use the powerful features of DT Nexus before it’s released (for free), but you’ll also have the opportunity to directly influence its direction, features, and overall experience, ensuring the CH community gets the digitization software it deserves.

About DT Nexus

The Digitization Software You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

DT has always taken a holistic view of the digitization process. From our hardware’s form and function to our custom software and lighting features, our goal has always been to create a fully integrated workflow solution where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In another innovative step towards this goal, we’re excited to announce DT Nexus.

DT Nexus was created to improve every aspect of your digitization workflow by connecting your camera, bench, lighting, and software into a unified system, adding enhancements and improvements not possible without this central control. It provides seamless color profiling, color profile validation, with control over your camera, DT Autocolumn, and RAW settings. Plus full control of your DT Stellar lighting system directly from the capture station, with advanced features like individual light adjustment in increments as small as 1/100th of a stop, and light grouping to easily adjust them together.

Beta Feature Set

Here are some current feature highlights, but stay tuned for some exciting, cutting-edge features that will be enabled in the beta release soon…


Make Ultra-Accurate Color Profiles


Check Compliance with FADGI and ISO 19264


Full control of DT Stellar or Gemini lights with Adjustments of 0.01 Stop


Improved Color from One Extra Capture with DT Fusion

DT Nexus Calibration & Validation in Action


Minimum System Requirements

As beta software, you may encounter some issues and functionality limitations. Please be aware that Third Party Camera (non iXG/iXH/XF camera) support will not be included in individual DT Nexus licenses upon release. This Third Party Camera support feature will only be available in multi-user DT Nexus Enterprise Site licenses.

Presently DT Nexus is a Mac-only based Software

  • M-based Mac (not Intel) – M1, M2, and M3 with MacOS Admin privileges and macOS Monterey (13) or higher.
  • Mac RAM: 16 GB minimum for standard operation. 32 GB minimum for Fusion Processing.
  • 1GB free disk space (minimum required for app size & profile creation – additional space required for capture or Fusion Processing, as needed)
  • Capture One 23 (any license) except Express (unlicensed) installed and activated on Mac above.
  • ONLY one version of Capture One 23 is in the Applications folder.
  • For DT Stellar connectivity, the app should be launched with Administrator privileges until the first connection is established. Regular user accounts can be used after the first connection.
  • Firewalls may interfere with DT Stellar connectivity. Please ensure that TCP ports 1883 and 9000 are allowed through.
  • DT Connect USB-to-Ethernet adapter and ethernet cable (Cat-5 or higher) to connect the DT Stellar
  • Camera tethered to Capture One required to capture from within Nexus
  • Must be connected to internet to sign in

For DT Nexus color profiling/calibration/validation we suggest that you have at least two of the following targets, preferably with custom spectral measurements:

  • DT NGT V2 Target
  • ISA FADGI 19264 Target
  • ColorChecker SG

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