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Due to the success of our East Coast and West Coast round table events, we’re excited to announce the addition of a third Round Table in Chicago, bringing leaders in Cultural Heritage to the Midwest to share stories and wisdom, and give the CH community an opportunity to connect, mingle, and discuss the latest industry events and technology. We’re inviting our speakers and attendees from across the midwest to join us in Chicago for a day long event celebrating the cultural heritage industry and digitization.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the latest in cultural heritage technology in action including the IXG Camera SystemDT VersaDT AtomDT Film Scanning Kit and the DT V-Cradle

The Chicago Round table will be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Richard J. Daley Library. Click the link below to reserve your seat. We’ll see you there!

Speakers & Topics:

P.D. Young – The Art Institute of Chicago

Some lessons learned and surprises in making a film archive collection “visible”. Beyond the obvious and all-too-familiar challenge of digitizing, how do you get other members of your institution to pay attention and find value in your archive? What can be done with these old negatives? P.D. Young from the Art Institute of Chicago will share some updates and challenges about digitizing and making the photographic film archive collection accessible

Dru C Parish –  Northwestern University

Quality management systems (QMS) help direct an organization’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. Northwestern University Libraries Repository & Digital Curation (RDC) Department surveyed leading quality management systems from academic institutions and private enterprises to identify a system to manage the quality of its digitization workflows. This presentation will describe our considerations and eventual selection and implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management. The goal of this presentation is to better position others to make informed decisions when thinking about their own quality processes.

Eric Philcox – DT Heritage

We had the honor and privilege to work with the National Portrait Gallery to digitize much of its collection including the Mathew Brady Civil War glass plate collection. Due to the significance and size of this collection, there were very strict handling and imaging requirements that made digitizing this collection very challenging. I will be detailing our physical and virtual workflows for this project as well as a large-scale effort to digitize the National History Museum’s collection of southern pacific invertebrates from its paleo collection. The paleo collection offered some unique challenges for mass digitization that required using some familiar tools in different ways from their intended purpose.

Roberta Dupuis-Devlin – University of Illinois at Chicago

Transitioning from the use of scanners to high resolution digital cameras for cultural heritage imaging presents many challenges. My talk will discuss planning and implementing this process. Topics covered will include researching best practices, budgeting, reconfiguring the physical work space, consolidating work flows, selecting hardware and software, and lessons learned along the way. I’ll highlight how our choice of DT equipment has improved our work flow, and discuss some of the digitization projects we are now equipped to undertake.

Spencer Zidarich – Digital Transitions

Spencer, will be presenting on the DT Digitization Guide for Transmissive Materials, a 70-page document that covers both the theory and practice of the digitization of film and other transmissive materials. He’ll be very eager for feedback on this document, as well as for sample materials to include as a digital companion.