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The Benefits of Instant Capture (Print Edition)


Print edition of our Benefits of Instant Capture guide for Cultural Heritage

Alternatively, see here for the downloadable PDF Edition.


While most top-level Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums are currently utilizing camera-based instant capture systems, we often encounter institutions that either aren’t knowledgable about the inherent benefits of instant capture systems, or potentially aren’t even aware that it’s a viable option for their digitization needs at all.

With those questions in mind, we decided to make a brief guide outlining the history of digitization equipment and its evolution into the modern instant capture systems that have become so prevalent.

From a massive increase in repeatable, measurable image quality, to unrivaled speed of workflow, instant capture has become the de facto standard at the world’s leading institutions. If you’ve ever wondered why places like The Getty, National Geographic, The Smithsonian, and The Walt Disney Archive are using instant capture for their digitization projects, this educational guide will walk you through those reasons and benefits.