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april, 2020

28apr11:00 amFeaturedProject Lemonade: The Past, Present, and Future of Phase One with Lau NorgaardOnline | April 21

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We’d like to encourage our friends and family to join us in making the best use of our time while we’re practicing social distancing by investing in ourselves. Our way of facilitating that is to launch “Project Lemonade” – an ongoing series of informative and (hopefully) entertaining webinars that you’ll be able to join remotely. There will be a variety of topics, from hardware tips & software tutorials, to project workflows and digitization case studies, making this a perfect way to spend an idle hour or two, while simultaneously adding to your knowledge and understanding of photography.


As the Chief Visionary Officer for Phase One, Lau Norgaard will share three behind the scenes stories that explain how Phase One as a company sees itself, how it deals with both success and failure, and where it sees photography going. With a common theme of creative destruction and revolutionary, rather than incremental, improvements, you won’t want to miss this inside look at one of the most unique photographic companies in the world. Lau’s stories center around:

  • The IQ1: Throwing out a Decade of Work: Until recently, every Phase One back shared one platform; then suddenly, with the Phase One IQ1 all of that design and code was thrown aside and an entirely new platform developed from scratch. Why did Phase One do that? What benefits did it provide and what challenges did it impose?
  • The XF, Building a Body from the Ground Up: After years of using incrementally improved Mamiya bodies, Phase One leapt into making its own modern camera body from the ground up. Lau will pull back the curtain on why that decision was made, the challenges along the way, and why he thinks it was all worth it.
  • The Infinity Platform: The IQ3 100mp was the most successful product Phase One had ever shipped (up to that point). So why did Phase One can the entire platform, and opt to start from a blank sheet of paper to create the IQ4? What are the upsides and downsides of that decision, and how is Phase One grappling with the challenges of, yet again, starting from scratch?


Featuring: Lau Norgaard | Phase One

Lau is an ideal instructor for this topic. His formal education is a Masters in Image Processing and Electrical Engineering. Now, as Chief Visionary Officer (and former Head of R+D), Lau focuses heavily on the technologies both hardware, firmware, and software, that allows Phase One cameras to lead the industry in both theoretical and realized dynamic range.


Wether you’re a seasoned Phase One user or are just curious about why people rave about medium format, we invite photographers of all experience levels and camera platforms/formats to expand their photography knowledge with this interesting look at where Phase One has been and where they plan to go.




Can’t make the scheduled time? No worries! If you’d still like to see the information go ahead and register for the webinar and you’ll receive an automated email from our webinar service with a replay link. If you don’t receive this email, check your spam, then contact us for help.


Disclaimer: During these challenging times many individuals are switching to online options for business and leisure. The increased demand in web services may cause technical issues which can display as errors in audio and visual quality. We’ve tested our hardware and are doing our very best to provide you with the highest quality webinar experience. On your end, you can help improve audio visual quality of the live stream by hardwiring your system with an ethernet cable to a router or using high speed wifi.


(Tuesday) 11:00 am ET


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