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Better than a Drum Scan. 100x Faster.

Extreme resolution, 16-bit color fidelity, and enough Dynamic Range for dense glass-plate negatives, this is the best quality film scanner available anywhere at any price. With production rates of a million captures per year, it’s designed for high-volume projects.


The XY allows contact-free scanning using included magnetic holders. No wet mounting, no automatic feeding mechanism, no film bending. Trusted by the Library of Congress for handling their most valuable one of a kind collections.

Standards Compliant

Our XY Scanner complies with FADGI 4-star, Metamorfoze Strict, ISO 19264 image quality, and JHOVE file format standards. The Library of Congress, The National Archives, and Getty along with these institutions use our systems.

Open Platform

While our camera and software offers the highest possible image quality and throughput, the XY accepts any camera. You can even purchase an XY scanning system on one budget cycle and one of our camera systems on the next.

Solid, Precise, and Perfectly Aligned

The bench is made in the USA to 0.005” tolerances from aerospace grade aluminum. The DT AutoColumn precisely positions the camera within two-hundredths of an inch. And both the Phase One iXG and iXH focus movement is measured in microns for meticulous accuracy.

Help at Every Step

We treat our valued customers as partners – our highly trained staff are ready to meet your individual institution’s needs. Every system includes on-site training and unlimited support! Plus, our warranty packages are determined with your sales representative, uniquely reflect the items in your system, and never require a service contract. If you’re starting or revamping a digitization program, see our program planning guide and reach out; we’re glad to help!


Image Quality  •  Object Safety  •  Productivity

XY Bench

Solid and laser aligned
Precise 2-axis Stitching
Made in USA
3-Year warranty


Smooth, precise movement
Droop-free camera arm
Anti-vibration pendulum
Optional isolation mount



iXG or iXH: complete integration
RCam: unlimited resolution
Or bring your own camera


Negative Film Inversion
AutoCrop & Deskew
Fast & Modern Interface
Color Grade in Raw 16 Bit 

Customization  &  Accessories


Custom Carrier Sizes
Custom Max Film Size
Column Wall Mount


Demonstration Scans
Operator Training

Standards Verification

Golden Thread Software
ISA Reflective Targets
ISA Film Scanning Targets

Specifications & Features


Materials: Black-anodized aerospace-grade aluminum

Glass Carriers: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14. Each slightly larger than the film to allow including film edges. Custom carriers available.

Magnetic Carriers: 35mm, 120mm, 4×5 inch. Shows image edge. Custom carriers available.

Detents: Stitching pattern is set by user-exchangeable detent bars. 

Feet: 4 vibration-dampening casters for leveling system and portability.


Name: Capture One Cultural Heritage Edition (aka Capture One CH)

Features: AutoCrop and AutoDeskew, Negative inversion, multiple derivative output, auto color handling



Camera Mount: Arca dovetail

Operation: From Capture One CH using USB or manually using remote

AutoPPI Mode: Using Capture One CH you can set the camera height by entering the desired capture PPI

Movement: 0.01″ precision using Capture One CH. Fast/slow modes.

Mounting: Integrated into DT XY or Wall mount or isolation floor mount

Stability: antivibration pendulum included; wall-anchor optional

Power: 110/220 volt autoswitching. Accepts any standard “computer power” plug for easy international use.



Resolution: 100mp, 150mp

PPI: See PPI Explanation

Focusing: Linear-motor for no-slip high-precision focusing while pointed downward. Manual or automatic focusing via Capture One CH.

Shutter: Precision electronically controlled shutter with max speed of 1/250th and 1 million capture warranty.

Mount: Integrated L-Bracket with 3/8th threads and dovetail

Weight: 5 lbs w/ 72mm Mk I lens

Size: 5.9″ x 4.7″ x 3.9″ at infinity



Resolution: 50, 60, 80, 100, and 150mp

PPI: See PPI Explanation

Focusing: No-slip precision helical with 20mm of travel and optional lock.

Shutter: Precision electronically controlled shutter with max speed of 1/250th and 1 million capture warranty.

Mount: Integrated L-Bracket with 3/8th threads and dovetail

Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz (body only)

Size: 6″ diameter, 3.05″ depth

Lenses: Schneider 72mm Digitar & Schneider 120mm APO Digitar.


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